White Audio Transcription Services

New to White Transcription Services Limited?

We always welcome new clients and many come to us through existing client recommendations.  Each of our clients receive a unique username and password to access our secure file transfer site. To request registration please email us at:





Once registered you can upload audio files secure in the knowledge that all file transfers are covered by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 Security ensuring the highest level of encryption for file transfers.  Your dedicated client space will only be accessible by you (using the username and password we give upon registration).

Once we have received your uploaded file we will transcribe as per your instructions and upload the completed file back to your dedicated secure site folder and email you to let you know it's awaiting your collection.  While we are working on your file you can be assured that our office computers are installed with biometric access encrypted hard drives to further safeguard any sensitive data.

Need to upload urgently, but don't have a registration?

We always try to foresee our clients' needs and with this in mind we have also designed a universal upload site, just in case new clients need to upload files urgently, but do not have time to request registration.  You can log into the universal upload site in the client area using the username AnnonUploads and the password uploadfilesnow (both are CaSe sEnSiTiVe).

All access to files and messages entered using this method will be hidden from view except by us. However, please note the file name will be viewable.  Whilst we are working on your urgent file we will also be setting up your registration; when we have completed your transcription we'll email you a notification and your unique username and password to collect your transcription from your dedicated secure site folder.  Then the next time you need to upload a file it will all be set up for you!