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 Terms and Conditions: To be effective from 21st September 2011.

White Transcription Services Limited (Reg No: 6142474)

Registered Offices: 7 Crown Road, Tickhill, South Yorks. DN11 9PA - Tel: 01302 759597. VAT Registration Number: 905 0656 41

 The Client agrees that submission of audio files confirms acceptance of White Transcription Services Limited's terms and conditions. Clients are solely responsible to abiding by copyright laws. We reserve the right to reject acceptance of any projects containing material we may consider to be illegal.

We will at all times endeavour to provide a full service, but cannot accept liability for failure to supply these services when caused by any external influence, ( causes beyond our control.)

 We reserve the right to refuse files and to change turnaround times due to illegibility or poor quality of audio provided to us.

All transcriptions will be charged in accordance with our pricing scale in force at the time the work is commissioned. Our current pricing structure is available on request. We reserve the right to amend prices as deemed necessary, providing the client with 30 days notice before implementing these changes Where we are repeatedly requested to and meet the request, to return urgent files within 12 hours of receipt then additional charges will be made (details on request). This additional cost will be at our discretion and it's implementation will be advised prior to commencement of urgent file(s)

Our prices are inclusive of full transcription, one proofreading event, one in four quality checks, e-mail file return or client collection from our secure website, postage return of audio-tapes (please state at time of project commencement if this is required). However, final proofreading and editing will remain the responsibility of the Client. Discounts or early payment incentive deductions are dependant on funds reaching us within 14 days of invoice date.

Requests to 'timestamp' transcriptions will incur an additional charge of £5.00 per transcription

For large projects (over 25 recording hours per week) we will require a firm booking confirmation via email. Should this booking be cancelled within 3 days of the first expected file we will be entitled to invoice for a cancellation fee of 20% of the total estimated project.  Our standard payment terms are 14 days from receipt of invoice. Extensions to our payment terms can be arranged prior to transcription commencement. Should payment not be made within the terms we are entitled to implement our late-payment penalty (see below) Invoices are submitted via email at timescales selected by us dependant on project volumes and prior agreement.


We undertake to keep all information supplied by our Clients strictly confidential and do not disclose any information to third parties. All transcriptionists have signed a White Transcription Services Limited Confidentiality Agreement. If you wish us to sign your own Confidentiality Agreement we are happy to consider this upon receipt of a copy.


Transcriptions/audio files will be stored securely on our website and/or encrypted hard-drives. For transcriptions/audio files requiring FIPS 140.2 security storage please ensure we are advised prior to project commencement.  Our secure upload/download facility has been designed to incorporate AES-256 security. As part of our security procedures we delete audio files relating to a client projects, once transcriptions are completed and/or payment has been received and/or we are notified by our clients to do so.

 Late Settlement Policy

Our payment terms are strictly 14 days from invoice date (unless by prior arrangement where terms can be extended to a maximum of 30 days) Implementation schedules of late payment penalties are at the discretion of White Transcription Services Limited:

After agreed payment terms have expired: We will issue a polite reminder asking for payment to be made at your earliest convenience.

Should payment not be received within 7 days, we will issue a second reminder with a specific date by which we would expect payment.

Should payment not be received by close of business on the date expected, a Formal Notice of Default will be issued.

If we have not received payment within 7 days of issue of the Formal Default Notice, we will issue a separate invoice charging our standard late payment charge of £40.00 plus interest as determined by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998 and any discount which was applied to the initial invoice. We then reserve the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the full amounts owing on any given client's account. Costs incurred will be included in the court application.

Any errors in transcription identified within 5 days of completion will be amended free of charge, however all other amendments will be charged at our proofreading rates which are £25.00 per transcription This additional cost will be at our discretion and it's implementation will be advised prior to commencement of work.

 White Transcription Services Limited are entitled to terminate this agreement if the client breaches any of its terms and conditions. This represents a legal contract.



 (Company Reg No: 6142474)

7 Crown Road, Tickhill, Doncaster

South Yorks. DN11 9PA.

Tel: 01302 759597.

Fax: 01302 759 252

 E-Mail: contact@white-transcriptions.co.uk

All work is undertaken subject to our  terms and conditions.

(Full T&C are available via email upon request)

Email address for payments : pay@white-transcriptions.co.uk